Welcome to Gordon and Gray

Gordon and Gray Personal Wealth Advisers is an award winning financial planning practice in Newcastle that has been helping our clients secure a comfortable retirement since 1985. Our clients receive technical excellence in financial advice and a friendly, caring and professional service.

This has been recognised by:

  • 97% of our clients rated the overall quality of our service as “very good” in the Credit Suisse “Investor Experience” Report.
  • 96% of our clients stated they personally recommend our services to their friends, family and colleagues in the Credit Suisse “Investor Experience” Report.
  • Clients gave us a score of 95% for our financial knowledge and expertise in the 'CoreData Client Survey'.
  • Clients gave us a score of 96% for our practice professionalism in the 'CoreData Client Survey'.
  • Clients gave us a score of 97% for our ability to explain key financial solutions and concepts in the 'CoreData Client Survey'.

At Gordon and Gray Personal Wealth Advisers, we do not attempt to be “all things to all people”. Instead we focus on being a leader in financial advice when planning for retirement.

We have spent the past 30 years building our specialist skills and services in this area.

We can help you develop a retirement strategy which is individually tailored to your personal needs. You should talk to us.

Gordon and Gray announced National Quality Advice Practice Award Winners

This award recognises three key areas - Quality Advice, Customer Education and Engagement and Business Process. The practice who receives this award demonstrates that they provide quality advice ensuring that the client is at the centre of everything they do. They ensure that they have the right people that are suitably educated and experienced in their field but also strive for excellence. Also that the information and education that they provide the client assists them to make an informed choice for their future goals, with solid business processes in place that supports quality long term relationships with their clients.

"Gordon and Gray Personal Wealth Advisers ensure that their staff are highly skilled in all areas of financial advice. This then supports the provision of quality advice to their clients ensuring that they are at the centre of everything they do. They provide their clients with information in an easy to understand format but also in a manner that it facilitates the education of their clients and enables them to make fully informed decisions about their future. They have excellent business processes which ensures that a quality long term relationship is formed. It is for all of these qualities that the Advice Quality team have identified this practice as the one that they would have no hesitations in referring their family and/or friends to".

Julia Macfarlane, Executive Manager Advice Solutions, Financial Wisdom


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